Thursday, January 10, 2008

Brenda likes Bananas

I received an update from Brenda's host mom, Kim this morning. She is doing well, but is still not eating much. She is finally keeping formula down, but they are using a nasal feeding tube as she is not interested in sucking a bottle. This is a challenge for some of the children we bring from Haiti as they are often breastfed, not bottle fed. Formula in Haiti is very expensive and it is not easy to get safe water. Mothers often have no choice but to breast feed and hope that they are able to provide enough nutrition for their babies. We do ask the families to put their babies on formula before we bring them here, but the results are often mixed. Kim did report though that she is taking tastes of banana baby food, so that is definitely progress!
The doctor reported that Brenda will hopefully have no more problems, but that the size of her head will not shrink, even though the pressure has been removed. Brenda's head is larger than most adult heads, but she will have to grow into it. Kim said her eyes are looking better and she thinks Brenda may be seeing some light. I will ask that they will test her vision before she returns to Haiti.

Kim, thanks for everything you are doing to help Brenda! Everyone please keep Brenda and her host family in your prayers.

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