Wednesday, April 25, 2007


It has been a long, hectic and emotional two weeks for me. I have been to Haiti and back, bringing three seriously ill children with me on my return. Two have had surgery thus far and we are hoping the third will have surgery soon. The sickest of the three is and remains Angelo. This little six year old boy had a brain tumor removed on Monday. He is still critical, but there are have been improvements today. He needs many prayers as he has a long road ahead of him. Please keep him and the wonderful family caring for him in Toledo in your prayers.

I will post more about my trip to Haiti soon. I was amazed by all the God does in Haiti and how he shows his presence each and every day.

Thanks to all our supporters and those who are helping our mission to bring more children from Haiti to receive the medical care they so desperately need!

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Zobella said...

Hi Fran - Sister Fidelas told us at St. Joseph's about your harrowing journey home. You and the children are in our prayers.