Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Achemine's Surgery

Hey Everyone,

Little Achemine had her shunt surgery last Thursday morning. It was a long surgery and she had a few troubles. There was a great deal of fluid surrounding her brain and when they drained the fluid, it left a gap between her tender brain and her skull. As you can imagine, there is not suppose to be a gap, but it took time to get air back in there to provide the needed cushion. Achemine was in ICU for about 5 days and was moved today into a regular room. She cannot be released quite yet as they are trying to figure out what is causing her to run a fever. A fever this long after surgery is not a good thing, so please be in prayer that the doctors are able to figure out quickly what is making her body react in this way. For now, Achemine is drinking her bottles fine and seems to be happy and content. We will keep you updated as she progressses.

I've included a picture of Achemine shortly after surgery. She is such a beautiful baby and Vanessa says that you can see a difference in her face already now that all the excess fluid has been removed.

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