Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sarbin Team Arrives

For all of you who have been to Haiti you will love this post from Dr. Sarbin. Please pray for us all of there luggage did not make it so I sent them on ahead and stayed in Port to try to get it for them. Oh the fun...

Since it turns out I can get a signal out here at the end of the Earth, I just had to share about our ride to Haut Moustiques (I learned how to spell it).Let's just say it was a good thing I stopped typing when I did earlier. If I had to sum up the ride in 2 words, here goes:"HOLY *@!#" - for adult ears only.Imagine going 70mph on a 2 lane highway playing chicken with oncoming dumptrucks. That went on for 2hrs until we left Gonaives. We were then treated to a mix of roads that resembled washed out river beds, actual river crossings, deeply rutted/washed out dirt & rock roads with 12 inch round boulders strewn across them and my favorites: roads that made double black diamond mogul runs at Aspen look easy AND a cross between Supercross and the Baja challenge course.Cerel accomplished all this while traveling at speeds up to 55 mph, with oncoming traffic on single lane roads; with pedestrians, goats, dogs & chickens everywhere; motorcycles and mules in the way; we even came upon an 18 wheel tractor trailer on these roads-unbelievable. The kicker was Cerel getting cell phone calls and taking them with ease while driving through this.This went on for nearly 3hrs straight. Imagine riding a professional bull for 3 continuous hrs - that's as close as I can come to describing how it felt. I think Cerel missed his calling - he could probably win the Baja challenge easily. After all, he was doing all this in a Nissan SUV with 7 other passengers and we did arrive safe.It was a hair-raising ride but there was also an awful lot of laughter to go with it. Needless to say we are exhausted and a bit delirious now that we have arrived and will be turning in quickly. (Hope nobody wakes up peeing blood.) Tomorrow brings our first day in clinic in a whole new environment...with NO meds. Welcome back to Haiti!Love to all. Sleep well and please don't worry. We are obviously in "good hands".More tomorrow,The TeamPS- I am sending this Sunday AM because I did eventually lose my signal last night when I tried to send. Here is a teaser for tonight's message. We are waking up to some familiar and some new sounds out in the country.

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