Saturday, February 4, 2012

God Opens the doors....will you walk through them?

Hi Everyone,

As you all know we mainly help children. Since the earth quake we have been able to help about a dozen adults. Last week while in Haiti a man and his wife came to the Clinic. He had been diagnosed with a Brain tumor. I was upset for him that more was not possible for him in Haiti. Even though I thought that getting surgery and treatment would be impossible I had him go get a CT Scan for me to bring back to the US. This man had recently lost most of his vision (he can only see light now not shapes) so I went on a hunt to find him a cane. Michael next door gave us a beautiful carved cane. So with that I tried to teach him how to use the cane to get around. He did great and was very thankful. I explained that I would bring the CT scan back and get it read and let them know if there was any possible treatment. I thought that we were going to have to tell them NO enjoy the time you have left with each other. Well God had other plans. I honestly do not know how long it would have taken me to get the CT scan to a doctor to be read. When I hit the ground here it always seems to be on the run. I landed in Ft. Lauderdale and the first call I received was from Tom asking if I had seen the urgent email he had sent me last night? Baby Sammy was very sick and needed to return to the US. Baby Sammy was born on my Birthday in 2009. He was born with a terrible case of Spinabiffita. Though God opening doors we were able to get him to the US and he had many surgeries and today is a happy healthy boy of 3. Right away I called his host mom told her I was in Immigration please call Dr. Lisa and let her know. (Sammy has a shunt and if it gets infected it could kill him) Then I called the hospital to ask if they would write another letter of free care. Continued on my 3 flights to get home. Once home Dr. Lisa called me I explained to her what I had been told of Sammy's condition. She said I do not think it is the shunt. I think he has a bad virus. While on the phone with her I asked if she would be willing to read the CT scan I had. She said yes bring it first thing in the morning. She also told me that she operated on adults as well as children. The next day I am in her office. YES this can be operated on.... I need him here yesterday it is very important to get him here ASAP. I go home and make flight arrangements. Now 4 days after leaving Haiti both Antoine and his wife Ania are here in Roanoke with my family. We are awaiting the hospital ok for surgery. Please pray. But God had opened all of these doors. Who am I to question it? I follow and walk through with him. Please pray for Antoine and Ania they speak very little English and this would be a scary time for each of us. Let alone being in a different country all together.

Oh I forgot to tell you, things never work out this fast. God had known this was coming and both Antoine and his wife had been granted 5 year visa's 2 years ago. So we did not have to do any paperwork, get passports, or visa's. Do not even try to say God is not working here. He is opening so many doors. Look around in your life today. What doors is he opening for you? Will you join him and walk through them. I pray you will. Have a blessed day Love V

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