Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Baby Jamie


I know there are those of you who have been awaiting an update on Baby Jamie.  He arrived in the US on Friday May 20.  I have had a hard time though trying to write this Blog and show his photos.  As you all know we work for God, these are his children first and he loves them and cares for them more than we could ever imagine. 

Jamie is very close to my heart as so many of the orphaned children are.   His full assessment though was worse than we had thought.  Baby Jamie will have surgery for a G-tube, this will help him to get the needed medications to keep him comfortable.   However he can not have surgery to heal his brain.  So we will do everything humanly possible to keep him pain free until God takes him home. 

Baby Jamie 7 months old only 10 pounds
Please continue to keep Baby Jamie in your prayers, along with all of the children in need of medical care all over Haiti.   We thank you for your support.  love Momma V

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