Wednesday, May 25, 2011

AMH has been working very hard since the quake. We have helped with Medical teams both sugical and general practice come to Haiti to help.

At the present we have the following children here getting medcial care:
Carly Delva getting help with braces and learning to walk.

Marck Jonis - has had many surgeries on his eyes. One eye did not take but he now has sight in his other eye. We will continue with his medical treatments.

Judson Candy is in Washington State, his care continues as the doctors have been left stumpted as to what is causing his medical issues.

Adriano Victor had his heart surgery and recovered very well. He was on his way home to Haiti and had other complications with his feeding come up. Adriano has now been cleared to return to Haiti once again and will be reunited with his mother, father and siblings in June.

Sebastien Janvier will return to Haiti this saturday (5/28/2011) He has had his two surgeries and recovered well. We pray Sebastien will have no further complications. We know he is ready to get back with his family who love and have missed him.

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