Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Baby Marck in need of prayer

This is the latest update from Baby Marck's host mother please keep him in prayer

I am writing with a difficult update about Marck. You may recall that in my last update I said that Marck was having some stomach issues. Within a day or two of my email to you, Marck was constantly vomiting and we took him to the ER. In the ER, he had blood work done. All of the blood work numbers came back very low. Marck was admitted to the hospital and underwent testing to rule out leukemia. He had a bone marrow biopsy and 2 blood transfusions. Additionally, blood work was taken to test for a number of odd viruses. Marck was discharged after 4 days and doing much better. There was no diagnosis at the time as many of the test results had not returned. One day later, Marck's biopsy site became infected. Again, he was admitted to the hospital. It became clear that his body was having difficulty fighting the infection due to his low blood cell count. He was again given a blood transfusion and a round of 4 different antibiotics. Marck did fight through and was discharged after 5 days. We also received the results of some of the tests. Marck tested positive for a common virus called HHV 6 (commonly called roseola). Everyone has come in contact with the virus by the time they are adults. Some individuals have a rare response to the virus and it can result in bone marrow suppression. It now seems that this may be the reason for Marck's low blood count. Marck's infection (at the biopsy site) is healed and he is improving, but we still see some signs of sickness. Marck is being closely monitored by a pediatric hematology/oncology team and is receiving excellent care. The virus should go away on its own and we should continue to see improvement. In the meantime, Marck has a PICC line to make regular blood draws and IV antibiotics easier.

Additionally, Marck will have his regularly scheduled EUA of his left eye and measurement of his right eye on next Tuesday. Unless something in his health changes between now and then, he should be fine to undergo those procedures.


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