Thursday, February 25, 2010

Haiti Update

Thank you to everyone here who have keep us covered in Prayer. If it were not for God we would not have been able to do so much. I also want to thank everyone who has donated time, money, and supplies. There has been so many fundraising activities held by people all over the country to show love to Haiti.

My first few weeks in Haiti were spent at St. Damien’s Children’s hospital. Putting together teams to come down and help at the hospital as well as the clinic. Then we went into post op mode, with the USNS Comfort, along with seeing 400 plus patients a day we started to take post op patients from the Comfort.

We were blessed with amazing medical professionals who came down, jumped in and got to work. So much to do in conditions that were very hard to deal with. But all of the teams did such a great job. Last week it was a relief to see the numbers each day go down as to the number of people who needed medical care.

The Haitian people are all suffering from Post Traumatic Stress. They are terrified to go inside. If they do then they can not sleep. With the rainy season coming now things will only get worse. We have had 2 more earthquakes, but you have not heard of them as Haiti is now old news…on to the Olympics and something to celebrate. For the Haitians they celebrate life every morning I would hear someone singing praises to God it was a wonderful way to wake up.

Every day some Haitian I did not know would come up to me and thank me for coming to their country to help. It means so much to them to see us trying to help. It brings up their spirits, and encourages them to go on each day.

Please continue to keep the Haitian people in your prayers. They had such a hard life before the earthquake now it is even more impossible. So many churches, schools, businesses and homes that have been lost. Everywhere you look there is devastation. Looking at the big picture is overwhelming. So as always we pray and grow where God opens doors. We have had many people who have contacted Angel Missions Haiti, who feel called to help in Haiti. We need to build schools, churches, orphanages as they guess that there are more than one million true orphans now in Haiti.

To do this we must purchase land, clear it and then build, not cheaply but build smart have engineers look at the build sights and advise so that if another earthquake even larger than the 7.1 hits Haiti again our new structures survive. Things in Haiti continue to get more expensive as things develop and the need for continued financial support is going to be critical.

God is great all the time,


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