Saturday, February 6, 2010

Feb. 6

Hi well it has been very hard with no computer for 4 days. Walnes thinks he fixed it but who knows its haiti. I am taking today off trying to catch up on computer and we are just seeing so many patients each day that it is mind bogging.

Some about 1/4 have to come to have wound care dressing changes. Others are just now seeking care and have toes, fingers, hands, feet and legs that are now beyond help and must be amputated. Still others sought out care to begin with and were given wrong information about their condition and now it is also sometimes beyond treatment.

The Haitian people continue to show their love of God and all around them. I am strenghtened by their love of God and love of us. Daily people thank us with tears in their eyes for coming to help them and their country.

Sometimes all they need is a hug and someone to say that they care. They have all lost so much.

Ogine a little girl brought to Clinic at the begining of the week by her neighbor is just such a young child. She thinks she she is 13 we suspect younger. Her and her mother were outside of thier appartment when the quake started. Mom told her to say and ran into
the appartment to get her father and 5 brothers. Everything came down on them leaving her one of the true Orphans. The neighbors took her in for a few days but can not care for her as they have 6 of their own children. No work, no money for food. She is at the appartment with me now along with Geni.

Please pray for these children as we are seeing them daily. Trying to find family or friends to take them in is getting harder each day.

Vanessa A. Carpenter

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