Thursday, February 4, 2010

Feb. 4 Update

Dear Family and Friends,

I am so sorry communication is very difficult and some days I am not up to writing.

The days are long and hot. We get to the clinic and see patients from early in the morning till the afternoon. Any patients needing transported to the Hospitals need to go with the driver or I have to go to be able to get them accepted. If not they are rejected. Makes for very long hot days.

Yesterday was one of those days where I saw so much that upset me. At one point I had to walk away we had not internet and I came down to try it again. And I saw on my computer a photo of the triplets. I cried and felt much better, I feel it was God showing me just why he has called me to work here. I needed that pick me up because we had a borrowed car and the team when home with the driver I and Diane took patients to the hospital to drop off. Got back to the clinic fine but then the car started acting up. On our way back up to the place we stay the car broke down. OK here we are two white women in the middle of Delmas with one Haitian who speaks next to no English. We prayed. God sent Haitian men who helped us to get the car off the road then they worked on it and were able to get it running for me. Then they got in the car and made sure we made it all the way back safe even walking us to the door. God took care of everything.

This morning I walked out to find little Geni walking with a man I remembered. Years ago, he had brought her to us with her Grandma and Mama to get her Cleft lip and palette fixed.  Sadly, Geni's family died in the earthquake and she no longer has anyone to care for her.  As you can see in the photos she is in shock, but was happy to see me and has clung to me since. I took a photo of the two of us that I will post.

Please be in prayer as Geni is the sixth child we have had brought to us who no longer has family. Some of the children are being taken care of by Haitian friends, others by their neighbors.  Angel Missions continues to do all we can to provide them food, water and funds to do so until I get this all figured out. Geni will be my shadow until I can arrange safe care for her here in Haiti.  There are many little ones like Geni who have been so traumatized by the earthquake and the chaos that has followed.  We are praying that the system of orphanages and NGO's here in Haiti will begin to work together to provide them with not just food & shelter but a sense of safety and love.

Today we received some food and we will receive more patients that need medical care. The team I have here are great.   Every day, we start out with scripture and prayer.  All that they are seeing here is  changing their lives as it is mine.

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