Sunday, June 22, 2008

Dieuna is Out of Hosptial at Last

These sweet little girls are standing watch over little Dieuna who is finally out of the hospital. Dieuna came to the states in May and had her surgery for her hydrocephaly,but has really struggled with complications. A brain infection, skin sores on her large head and many feeding issues have kept her at DuPont Hospital for weeks. We are so thankful to her host family for bravely standing by her as she fought her way through the challenges. Her host mom says she is definitely a fighter and the folks at the hospital have been so supportive. Dieuna is still being fed by NG tube, but Robyn (her host mom) is hoping to try some thickened formula by mouth this week. This little one can use as much prayer as we can send her way as she is not having much voluntary movement in her limbs. Her head was very large prior to surgery and though the surgery was successful at creating an outlet for the fluid, we fear that she may have been compromised in some ways having lived with the extra pressure for so long. We will keep you updated on her progress.


stephanie said...

Is that Dupont Hospital in Ft.Wayne IN? If so I would love to get some information from you about who did the surgery. I am trying to find someone to put a shunt in an infant from PAP Haiti at an orphanage. I live fairly clost to FT.Wayne.
Stephanie Mueller

stephanie said...

If you have any resources in the INDY area I would love to have them. I am currently working with St.Vincent but we are having some issues with the doctor.
I am going to be hosting this infant if we can get her here. I am an RN with 9 years of NICU experience. I am interested in possibly hosting more infants in the future. What you are doing is great. I do mission work in Haiti as well and have been there several times.

Rebekah Hubley said...


If you want to give Stephanie my contact info, feel free. We live in Fort Wayne, and I might be able to help her out. I still have not heard back from Dr. Didelot's office! I called 3 times last week to speak with the office coordinator, who has been helping with Megan. I think I am going to call Dr. Didelot's nurse directly tomorrow. I will let you know what I hear! How are things going with Ched?