Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Stephen Joseph Update

I have delayed in posting this as it has taken me a few days to make peace with it in my own heart. Since Vanessa and I found Stephen Joseph back in October, he has been on my heart. He is such a bright-eyed little man with a happy nature who was just looking for someone to play with when we visited the ward. Vanessa and I tried for months to get him moved to an orphanage we know would take great care of him until we could get him a medical visa. We have learned over the years, though that our plans are not always God's plans. Stephen did get moved out of the abandoned ward to an orphanage; unfortunately, it was not the one we had chosen. The good news is that he is out of the hospital ward. The bad news is that he is with an orphanage that will not work with us. I am sure they have their reasons just as I am sure that God has a plan for this little boy. My head accepts that my knowledge is incomplete and that I cannot know the big picture all the time (even some of the time, it seems these days); however, my heart is broken that we will not be able to help him. We thank all of you who have written of your support for Stephen and have offered assistance. Please continue to pray for him in the hopes that he may still get the medical care he needs and a chance at a better life.


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Sherry said...

Oh Fran. I am so sorry, this is heartbreaking. I will be keeping him in my prayers and praying for a turnaround of this orphanages decision. (((hugs)))