Thursday, April 10, 2008

Riots in Haiti

We are asking for prayers from all the readers for the situation in Haiti. It is very volatile right now and things in Haiti sometimes do not get reported accurately. Basically, the people are hungry. Food prices have soared and the people simply cannot buy what they need. When you are this hungry, you have little to lose by demonstrating, even if those demonstrations get violent. I am always reminded when I see the pictures of these events, that I truly am blessed not to have to chose to feed my children dirt, oil and salt biscuits for dinner or send them to bed with empty bellies.

Our Haitian friend and fellow Angel Missions worker, Bernard spent a long night last night praying and asking God not to let the men who were trying to break into our new clinic (and his family's home) succeed in their efforts. God provided and they were unable to get inside, but we need to find the funds to better secure that building. The medicine, supplies and furniture can be replaced...Bernard and his family cannot be! I can't imagine how scared he and his wife were for their young son, Berny's safety.

Please take a moment today to ask for God's protection for Bernard, Susie and Berny as they struggle with the instable environment they are living in at the moment. Please also pray for all Haitians, their government and the world powers, that we can find a way to stop hunger. We know there are resources enough in this world to feed every person. So much goes to waste. There are ships in the port in Haiti full of food that has gone bad or just hasn't made it to the people that are most in need. Corruption and greed are not strangers in any corner of the world, it is just so much worse when those at the lean end have literally nothing.


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Our Family Adventure said...

I have been praying. My son's Orphanage is in P-a-P. Blessings, Terry