Thursday, April 3, 2008

Emerson's Homecoming

Emerson and Nyessa headed home last Thursday and his parents couldn't have been happier. They are wonderful folks. I met them last fall when we picked up Emerson and they were so loving and concerned for their son. Emerson had one of the worse cleft situations I had ever seen. Even his right eye was involved. In fact, the eye still needs some work, but the rest of his lip and face look wonderful following the surgery. He has grown alot in the last six months and is such a big boy. His family sends their thanks and said they will be praying for all the other children who need medical care.
Emerson is doing well and adjusting to life in back in Haiti. We will continue to investigate whether we can do more for his eye and keep track of his health as he grows.

Nyessa is doing well also and her family is thrilled to have that sweet girl home. She is such a character with lots of charm and sass. We will follow her as well and let you know how she is doing. I wish I had some photos of her homecoming, but our digital camera broke and we haven't been able to replace it yet. If anyone has an old digital that they would like to donate, we'd love to have it!

Again, we thank CMM for their assistance in finding both Emerson and Nyessa their much needed surgery.


Ben F. said...

Bravo!! This is a truly amazing photo of Emerson. When we brought him on the plane back in October he would routinely cover his face with his hand or his hat. Now he appears to be comfortable without either in front of his face. I'm very happy for him and his parents. Look at those smiles (and contrast it to the photos of them holding Emerson back in October). Astounding! Thanks for posting these!!

Sherry said...

How wonderful Fran! Emersons parents look so happy to have him home and healthy!