Wednesday, March 7, 2007

A Birthday for Chedner

Hey All,

Sorry for the lack of posts here this week. I had to have a tooth pulled on Monday and it is causing me some put it mildly. Basically, it has been kicking my behind. I haven't been able to spend much time on the computer, but I will get back on here soon.
We did have a celebration here at the Johnson house this weekend...Chedner turned 1 yr old on Monday. We celebrated with a cake, ice cream and presents. However, you could say that the little guy was less than impressed with all the hoopla! He was okay with the idea of opening presents...but he wasn't terribly enthusiastic about blowing out a candle or eating any of that sticky looking stuff we put in front of him. He did eventually want to taste his cake as long as it came off my plate! Guess he didn't believe it was gonna be any good until he saw Mom eating it??In the end, he did enjoy playing and climbing on his new Learning House. It is very cool and will hopefully help him learn to balance on his feet. Walking is going to be a challenge for Ched. At least this will be fun to learn to cruise around on in the meantime.

We are thinking of his parents back in Haiti on this special day. Sending good thoughts and prayers. We are sure they are missing him.

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