Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hi Everyone,

So much to report do not know where to begin. Blessings to all of you during this time of our Lord. I rejoice in all of the wonderful people who want to help AMH next year in Haiti and in the US.

As the end of this year draws near, I can not tell you where the time has gone. One day I was packing to go to Haiti, the next the earth quake and then this year has went by in a flash.

Last week Vanessa Mesidor moved in to our home. She is the heart patient who had surgery in October. She is doing great and will stay with us until the Cholera has calmed down. The fear is if she goes home to soon and has not had enough time for her heart to heal completely. I now have 4 -16 year old's at my house??? Everyone is getting along great.

One of my Haitian sons also made it to the US for Christmas. Bill Nathan is here visiting and resting. He has been on tour with the Resurrection Dance Theater raising funds to rebuild St. Josephs home for boys and Wings of Hope home for Handicapped and mentally challenged children. If you are looking for a special Christmas present may I suggest donating to the rebuilding of these two great homes who help so many children.

Please continue to pray for our children in need of medical visa's. The Haitian Government has not been issuing passports for the last 3 months. We have many children and doctors lined up that are all on hold until the Haitian Government gets back to running smoothly.

Blessings to everyone. love V

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