Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone

Hi I am sorry for the delay in writing to everyone. I will try to make it up with a few different post that need to get out there.

First Thank you for your prayers and for the Wonderful medical team from Maine who came down to Haiti to help with the Cholera outbreak. It was very scarry when we found our selves traped in Limbe outside of Cap Haitian. But God was with us all through the whole experience and lead a team to get us out.

For those of you who do not know of what I am speaking here is a short version of what happened:

On November 11, we were contact in Port au Prince and asked if we could re direct our medical team of 5 doctors to a Cholera site that was very short handed. The team discussed it and we decided to go. We were flown by UN Helicopter to Cap Haitian and then driven to Limbe to a small hospital Good Samaritian, they were down to a staff of one doctor and 2 nurses. They had over 200 Cholera patients and more coming in the door day and night. We jumped in and went to work. Day and night we helped with the paitients children, mothers, fathers, grandparents, they came in in groups whole families sick and having walked for hours and miles to get to the small hospital. We slept when we could, would get a little rest then right back to it. We had been asked to only stay until Monday, monday came and riots against the UN due to Cholera out break and so many people dieing. We were stuck at the Hopsital compound and told not to leave. They thought they could fly us out the next day. Tuesday came and No flights. I called and ordered my Haitian Staff back to Port au Prince as they were working in another Cholera area in Gonaives. Instead they and two Missionairys came to our rescue. They had brought supplies to the Hospital where we were to get into Limbe through the blockaids. Now to get out they hired local men to ride with us and talk there way out. Nine blockaids later and much tention we made it safley to National 1 to get us to Port au Prince. These wonderful Missionaries took there truck filled it up had a flat on the way up and broke down one mile from their home, these angels sent by God would not take a penny from us. They said that God told them to go into battle in his name to rescue us and I BELIVE THEM. We made it to their house where the mission team there helped to prepare food for all of us. We had a wonderful meal, water for showers, and beds for the night. The next morning the rented a truck to take us to Port au Prince and came with us to make sure we had safe passage. What amazing men of God. Part way to Port the Embassy Convoy met us to also make sure we had safe passage to Port, we were able to get to the house pack all the doctors bags and everyone made there scheduled flight. If God had not sent them we would still be trapped in Limbe. As Haiti is undergoing a lot of tention right now with Cholera and the elections.

Please continue to pray for our rescuers and all the Haitian People. Love Vanessa

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