Friday, March 27, 2009

Our Fresh Start

Hi to all and thank you for your love and support of Angel Missions. I am Vanessa or ""Moma V". I prefer to stay behind the sceens and just work. But it has been brought to my attention over and over that people want to hear from me since I am the one in Haiti each month. So I am going to give it a try. God continues to open many doors for us in Haiti. At the present time we are doing the medical visas for children. And working with many different NGO's and other missionaries to get both children and adults life saving surgery. For years I have had the doctors here in the US tell me, "Vanessa if we only had a place to operate in Haiti we could save so many more childrens lives". Well in September God brought Pastor Roro and I together. We discussed our work in Haiti and he offered me use of a building he had just completed. We are now working on the finial touches of a Pedatric Surgery Center in Port au Prince. The building is Good Samaratin Clinic home to Little Angels Surgery Center. When finished our goals are to rotate teams of doctors to do surgeries in Haiti so that the children will not have to leave their parents. While doing this we have partnered with two Haitian surgeons who will be learning new life saving techinques. These operations are either not avaliable in Haiti or the cost is so high the average person cannot afford the medical care. Our Goal is to set up a facility that is run and mantained by Haitian Doctors and staff, with us only visiting and offering assistance when needed.
Our new goals with the blog are the following:

  1. Give you updates on the children who have received care, and those in the U.S. at the present time.
  2. We also hope to focus on one or two children a week who are in need of medical care in hopes that a hospital and doctor will come forward and volunteer their services.
  3. Keep you informed on the progress of the surgery center.
This is our new start. If you have questions or comments please email me directly at I look forward to hearing from you.

Vanessa A. Carpenter
Angel Missions Haiti - Director

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-kate- said...

Wow, this is all sooo exciting! It is amazing to see how God has been working! Thanks for keeping us aware of the ministry and how it is working...and also of the needs! May God continue to use His might hand! We completely miss our precious piece of Haiti, that we were so blessed to have in our lives for 7 months! Thanks again for that opportunity!