Saturday, March 28, 2009

Baby Grace

For all of you who remember Baby Grace.... Here is her update. Baby Grace is now doing great, and she has chubby cheeks that you just want to kiss. I was so excited to get to see her in March. She is doing so well, and has a new forever family who will be keeping her name I am told. Baby Grace was on the blog in August. A woman found her in the trash pile and brough her to us. She was covered with bites from fire aunts and had to be hospitalized for over a month to get well. After her release from the hospital she went to live with some missionary friends of ours, and now she has a forever family. Her parents, Judy & Geoff, and her older siblings look forward to helping her grow up and have a wonderful life. Please continue to pray for all the children in Haiti

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-kate- said...

I so remember her! She has been in our prayers! She looks beautiful and healthy! I love all the updates! Thanks so much!