Monday, August 18, 2008

August Team Update

Vanessa sent an update from Haiti today. She and the August Mission team have been incredibly busy! The team arrived last monday, the numerous (but not surprising)complications they all traveled to Jacmel and arrived around 5 pm. The group were there for the week to run a soccer (futbal in Haiti) camp and a small clinic for the children of Jacmel who have no opportunity for these experiences in their daily lives. The children of the Trinity School located at Trinity House we excited to see such a big group! It was a good turn-out as over 75 children attended. Every morning, this hard- working team made the children a breakfast of bread and peanut butter. After having singing time and a bible story, they would break up into two groups. One group handled the soccer camp while the other who did physicals on all of the children. It is VERY HOT in Jacmel this time of year but the team members were real troopers and did not complain. The week went by too fast and soon they were driving through Tropical Storm Fay back to Port-au-Prince. The next two days were spent working at Angel Clinic doing tons of building projects, helping out at two nearby orphanages. On Sunday, they held a open clinic at Angel Clinic and saw 20 new young patients. Early this morning, the team left for home.

Vanessa says she misses them so much already and cannot say enough great things about the Desperation Church in Missouri. They have been coming to Haiti for the past 3 years. They always go out of their way to get all the supplies requested and then some. We were able to bless so many children with brand new soccer uniforms, soccer balls and new shoes. The children were fed 2 meals each day, and with the price of food right now in Haiti that is a huge blessing. Four of the poorest moms in Jacmel were blessed to have their roofs fixed and water-proofed by the carpenters who were with the team. Driving in the rain on Saturday morning, the team was happy to know they had helped them and their children to stay dry though the storm. Please keep the team in prayer as they travel all day today not getting in until late tonight.

We have been delayed in getting visas for 6 children who have approved medical. Unfortunately, this means we will not be able to get the children here this week. Vanessa and her son, Omri, had hoped to escort one little boy to the Philly area and bring another home with them to the Roanoke area. Both of these little guys are needing surgery for hydrocephaly as quickly as possible. Please say some prayers that we can get visa appointment soon as any delay can have devastating effects on this little guys.

Lastly, we are putting out a call...well, actually it is an "on your knees and begging" call to all our supporters. We are in desperate need of fundraising. We have so many children needing help and we just cannot afford to pay all the costs to get them here. Donations of any size are so appreciated. Perhaps you could help by doing a yard sale or car wash. Maybe your youth group at church would do a bake sale or raffle to benefit the children of Angel Missions? With everyone's finances being pinched, it is getting more and more challenging to raise money. Truly we are open to any and all ideas! We are a non-profit 501 (c)3 group and all donations are tax-deductible. Vanessa and I work as volunteers. We have only one paid employee and his is essential to our mission. We would love to hear your ideas!

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