Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Some updates

Sorry for the delay in posting these updates. I know you all are wondering how some of these kiddos are doing.

Pierre: He is doing really well now that they have figured out the problem with his sodium level. It turns out that this little man has Diabetes Insipidus. He is now on medication and his home with his host family. Pierre is gaining weight well and sleeping through the night. He will hopefully have his surgery soon.

Joanise: Last week, we were told that Joanise's infection had cleared and that the doctor was going to put a second shunt in place. We are hopeful that she will do well with this surgery and that she can return home to Haiti soon. Joanise was also having trouble with her sodium levels and may need to be on medication when she returns home. There is a wonderful mission, Children of the Promise, in Cap Haitian where Joanise's family lives that can help the family with this issue.

Pharah: This little one is doing really well and had a great check up last week. Her head size continues to reduce and the doctor is hopeful that she will be cleared for surgery. Her host mom reports that she her vision is better and that she is trying to talk now. Pharah has also gained weight and is up to 30 lbs! She is rolling over, stacking blocks and pulling off her socks every chance she gets.

Alfrelina: This sweet girl is doing so much better since she arrived here in the US. When Vanessa first was given this baby in Haiti, the doctors there were very concerned. She was so small and malnourished. After staying with Vanessa for a short time, she moved on to her host family and the note I received from Sarah was glowing. She says Lena is doing really well, is up to 9 lbs (one more pound and she can have her surgery!) and is "chatting" at everyone. I love her smile in this photo!

Dieuna: This little girl has been in the hospital since she arrived. She has had such a hard time and had to fight an infection first thing. On Friday, she will have another surgery to try and open the first surgery site so that the fluid can drain. If that doesn't work, she will require a shunt. Please be in prayer for Dieuna and her host family. They have been visiting her in the hospital and are hopeful that she will recover soon so that they can care for her at home.

Being a host family is a big task for any family and requires great time & energy. We are thankful to all the families who are caring for our kiddos and joining us in our mission!

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Sherry said...

I will be keeping all the little ones in my prayers. Thank you for the updates.