Friday, February 1, 2008

Ched - Week 2 plus 2 days

What a difference a day makes....I don't know who said that but they were incredibly astute.

Chedner is on the warpath. He has decided that his work is done here in Baltimore and its time to pack up the toys and go home! And he literally tried to sit up and get out of bed...even in traction and pins! While I am making a joke, the last 48 hours have not been funny at all. Ched is moving constantly and is throwing tantrums hourly. He should be seriously sedated, but is merely laughing at our efforts to put him out. He fights closing his eyes if at all possible. At first he just was wiggling in bed alot but now he has taken his dissatisfaction to greater levels and has begun "levitating" off the bed. Despite emergency calls for more help, Ched chewed through two more medication choices today. We have maxed out all the routine meds they normally use and we've moved on to other stronger drugs. I knew two year olds (and this two year old boy in particular) have strong wills but I am amazed at his endurance.

Please say some prayers that this last medication will calm him a bit and keep things quiet. The concern is the more medication we give him to put him out, the higher the risk that he will stop breathing on his own and need assistance. That situation would mean we would need to return to the intensive care unit where we truly do not want to be. We have about four more weeks of traction to get through and I think I may be to the point that I'm going to start insisting on some of that medication be given to me!


Rose Anne said...

Praying for you both!!!
Stay strong!
God Bless,
Rose Anne

Scott Meadows said...

Praying for you and for Chedner to be able to relax in this process. Poor little guy...I think I would be doing the same thing if someone told me to stay in bed motionless for weeks. What a tough thing for him to understand. But this too shall pass. -Kris