Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sweet Brenda

I'm excited to report that the first little patient in our hydrocephaly program is going to be flying next week with Vanessa into Philadelphia. Little Brenda is a 9 month old baby girl whose parents have been trying since she was born to get her care. Her eyesight is now gone from the pressure of the fluid on her brain. The doctor at duPont Hospital for Children are optimistic that she will do well with the surgery. Brenda will be staying with a wonderful family that has an adopted child from Haiti. Both Vanessa and I have met them while in Haiti and we are thrilled that they want to host Brenda!

Please consider helping one of these little ones by hosting a child or giving a donation to get them here for their surgeries. We need to raise enough money this year to bring over 20 children here for the hydrocephaly program, in addtion to the other children who come to us with different medical conditions. Each child costs our organization around $2000 to pay for tests in Haiti, paperwork, passports, visas and airfare. If you would like to help us in some way or if your church would be interested in a presentation about our program, please give us a shout!

We'd love to come and talk to you all.


Anonymous said...

We are praying for little Brenda, and for all the children who so desperately need this wonderful provision of medical care. My husband and I were blessed to meet Brenda and Vanessa on their flight from Miami to Philly and they touched our hearts deeply; we are praying that we can help find some host families here in the Wilmington area. You are all in our prayers and our church prayer chain is praying for Brenda and her surgery on Thursday.

Fran said...

Thank you for your prayers and support! Brenda has surgery tomorrow morning. We will post and let everyone know her progress as soon as we can.