Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas Blessings

Angel Missions' New Clinic in door to
St. Joseph's Home for Boys.

Vanessa and I have been overwhelmed by the blessings that Angel Missions Haiti has received in the last few weeks. When we were in Haiti in October, we were once again staggered by the many needs of so many families. Sometimes it is hard to know which direction to turn, but we are learning to listen to God and not ourselves and He has pointed the way for now. One need that was obvious was a small space to call our own so that the many families that are trying to contact us would know where to go. We have been dreaming of starting a small clinic in PAP that we could use for medical missions and as a center for our operations in Haiti. As always money is an issue and we were hesitant to commit to anything to quickly. However, when we also decided that we wanted to provide Bernard and his family with a safe home, the idea really took off. To maximize our resources, we have combined the two wishes and found a place to meet thost needs! When we hesitated due to lack of funds, God quickly provided a temporary means to secure the building. Then a wonderful couple came forward and helped us to make the clinic a reality for the next two years. We have been able to sign a two-year lease and begin some basic repairs. Later that day, we were contacted by an anonymous donor who is going to provide both a generator and an inverter for the building. This will provide our clinic with a steady supply of electricity! We are in awe of our good fortune and thank everyone for their support.

Bernard and Suzie are very excited to have a new home and Berny is excited to have a room of his own to sleep in. Speaking of Berny, he was so thrilled to be back with his mom & dad. He started doing a little happy dance as soon as he saw his mom at the airport, showing off all of his newly learned skills. What an amazing sight for these parents who didn't know if he would survive the Guillan-Barre when he left Haiti with Vanessa last summer. Now to have him back, running, jumping and standing on one foot to show his superman skills! They want us to say thank you again to all who helped their little man get back on his feet.

Of course, when you have a clinic, you need some basic medical items to supply it. We are being shown that when you are on the right path, God will show you the way and give you what you need. Two very generous hospitals here in Virginia have donated a large shipment of durable medical equipment, including exam tables, chairs, desks, filing cabinets, exam lights, a wheelchair, baby scales, freezers & a refridgerator, x-ray light boxes, and many other items. In addition, we have been given not one, but two ultrasound machines! It is just incredible. With our cup overflowing, we will share many of these items with other organizations in Haiti that are in need of these supplies.

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