Saturday, October 27, 2007

their Journey begins....

When Vanessa, and team members Ben and Theresa flew back on October 13th, they had some adorable company. Three little Haitians joined them on the trip and are here now to get their much needed medical care. The oldest is Anna Noah.

This is Anna's third trip here to the states and she will be getting her palate appliance repaired. She has had three surgeries for her cleft lip and palate and a hole remains in her palate. The doctor just didn't have enough structure to work with in order to close it completely. Anna now wears a guard to cover the hole, similiar to retainer that our teens wear after having braces. This device protects against her inhaling foods while eating and hopefully also helps prevent infection. It has also enabled Anna to develop understandable speech and she definitely doesn't have trouble making herself understood! Unfortunately, the appliance broke some time ago. Her stay here should be short this time and she will soon be on her way back to her family.

Emerson is almost two and will be going to Indiana for his surgery. Poor little Emerson was born with a severe case of cleft that extends all the way up into his eye socket. His parents have taken such good care of this little man and they are so excited to see his sweet face once the surgery in completed. He is a sweet boy who loves music and loves to dance. We are praying there are many bright days ahead for Emerson.

Nessa is a baby I met back in April. Her young mom had brought her to us and was asking for help with her little girl's club feet. This mom had diligently taken Nessa to a doctor in PAP since she was born for her to have casts put on her feet every few weeks. At seven months, it was clear the casts had not helped her. I contacted Tami Shobe with Children's Medical Missions to ask for help. This wonderful woman has a number of doctors that are able to help with this condition. We had to wait till this fall to help little Nessa, but we are all so excited that she is here and is on her way to Ohio for surgery. Nessa is adorable and so personable. She just turned one year old and is babbling and smiling at everyone. Her parents are anxious to have her back with them, but are so thankful that she is getting the opportunity to have her feet corrected. In Haiti, there are few options for children and adults with orthopedic disabilities. This surgery will make an immeasurable difference in Nessa's and her families lives!

We can't say thank you enough to all who help make these childrens lives better. Without you our mission would not be a success!

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ChatterboxLS. said...

we're in indiana, near indianapolis - are they near us? - we know a lot of people who host children & were wondering if they're with someone we know!!