Saturday, October 6, 2007

Should Have Paid More Attention in French Class!

I'm in Haiti trying to use blogger in French...why oh why didn't I pay more attention in my college French classes! I am bungling along a bit but I think it will work.
The trip is going well and we are busy visiting hospitals, orphanages and clinics. There are two doctors and a nurse along with us and they are most interested in the state of medical care here in Haiti. One of the doctors; however, is Haitian and knows first hand how bad things are for the Haitians who need even simply medical care. He was trained here at the University Hospital (government run) and now is in the states learning all he can to bring back here and help. I will try and post some pictures later.
On Monday we will travel to Jeremie (Dr. Fortune's home town) and to Pestel to see another hospital. In Pestel, we will meet a friend who lives here in the mountains. Neither Vanessa nor I have been to these parts of Haiti, so it should be an interesting adventure.

Well, just lost electricity so I'll have to finish later!

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ChatterboxLS. said...

if there's any way to take some pictures of jeremie as my daughter's adopted from there & would love to see pics of where she came from - if you meet a lady named liz letant PLEASE hug her for me & tell her redeline's doing very well & take a pic for me - i read your blog all the time & am curious to see what you see

lori (