Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Baby Jamie

This job is not always easy. In fact very rarely is it easy. Baby Jamie is one such case. We got him to the States to late for medical treatment. He has returned to Haiti and is living with dear Missionary friends of ours. Here is his latest update: Baby Jamie is doing well. He seems to be communicating more verbally, calling out when he hears me enter the room, trying to "sing" with his music toy, and even smiles occasionally. He makes sounds, but not words. He is still hard to feed, but is really growing taller and getting stronger. He still has the obvious neuro issues, but has not had seizures. Overall, I am very happy with his condition. He is still noisy at night and likes company, but likes to sleep during the day. We have a night nanny who keeps him company, and it works well.

I leave for Haiti tomorrow so I will try to get updated photos when there, while visiting him. Please continue to keep him in prayer. God has a special plan for him. love V

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