Monday, March 15, 2010

Vehicle Needed

As many of you know we have tried to keep our Jeep in Haiti running. It now needs a decent burial. We are in desperate need here. It is next to impossible to work in Haiti without a Vehicle. We were paying $200 to $250 to have someone drive us. This is money that can be spent to purchase food and medicine for so many children.

I am told I should replace it with this type of Vehicle
Dodge Ram Truck 1996 to 1998, 4 Wheel Drive, Manuel Transition, Cummins-Diesel Engine, 3/4 ton to 1 ton size. It would be great to find one with an extended cab or an extended bed.

I was told that this type of truck would work out well in Haiti. If anyone wants to help search the web for this truck, or raise funds for this type of truck please email me. As I am not that smart when it comes to purchasing a vehicle for Haiti.

Please pray God shows us a vehicle either donated or in our limited price range.

all my love,

Vanessa A. Carpenter

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