Thursday, November 29, 2007

Home for Christmas

We are so happy to let everyone know that two of our little ones will be going home in time to spend Christmas with their families! Anna Noah and Berny will both be traveling with Vanessa on Sunday to Haiti. You may remember that Berny has been here since the summertime when he mysteriously came down with Guillan-Barre Syndrome. We were so worried that we wouldn't get him another visa to return to the US before the virus stopped his breathing. Fortunately, Vanessa and some quick working doctors arranged for his care in Roanoke, Virginia and he traveled back with Vanessa within a few days. He immediately went into the PICU and stayed there for some time. As they had never seen this virus stike someone so young, they weren't sure the prognosis for Berny. Thankfully, the progression of the disease stopped short of compromising his breathing, but little Berny did have to learn to use his arms and his legs all over again. He has worked hard this fall and now considers himself Superman (see his pose below)! So do we, Berny!! He has some further rehabiliation to go, but all concerned, including the docs, consider him a medical miracle. A big thanks to everyone who has helped get this little man back on his feet and on his way home to his Papa Bernard and Mama Suzie!
Anna Noah has been here in the US several times now and this was a short trip to get her mouth piece repaired. She has had both her cleft lip and palette repaired, but unfortunately, the doctors have not been able to close the hole in the roof of her mouth completely. A wonderful doctor who Anna calls Dr. Olivia in SC made a small, removable guard that covers the hole making it easier for Anna Noah to talk and safer for her to eat & drink. With new mouth guard in hand, Anna is now ready to return to Haiti and meet her brand new little brother who was born while she has here! Her family will be so happy to have her back in time for the holiday.
Please keep Vanessa and the children in mind while they are traveling to Haiti next week. We have other exciting news to share soon about our mission to start at least one, possibly two medical clinics for our children and their families in Haiti. When we get all the details together, I'll be sure to share more!

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