Monday, August 6, 2007

Berny is trying to walk!!

Vanessa sent me an email and pictures today of little Berny trying to walk. He has been doing okay since he was released from the hospital after his bout with Guillan-Barre Syndrome. He had been making slow progress and the doctors have said they are unsure of how the recovery will go. Not many children as young as Berny have had this particular illness. Heather and her family have been taking great care of him and he is getting help from the early intervention therapists in her area.

Apparently all the prayers, loving attention and hard work is paying off. Berny has been trying to crawl in the last few days and managed to do an army crawl yesterday. After working on some physical therapy using a large ball, he wanted to be helped into a standing position and was doing his best to move his little legs as hard as he possibly could. Hooray for Berny!! We are so proud of him!

Please keep this little guy and Bernard & Susie along with all the folks here in Virginia that are doing their best to get Berny back to his former busy self.

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