Saturday, June 9, 2007

Many Updates

Apology First! I want to say sorry for the long delay in any updates to you all. Our family has had a stressful month and I have been unable to spend much time on the computer. We lost my husband's father shortly before our daughter graduated from high school last week. In addition, Chedner has had numerous tests, doctors visits and has been struggling with his malfunctioning digestive system. We are headed back to the hospital on Monday to make a plan that may include a diverting colostomy for the time being.

We have a few updates for you:

Christy and Nelson are doing wonderfully and they will be returning to Haiti with Vanessa on June 14th. I can't wait to see those reunion pictures as I know this has been an eternity for Christy's Dad.

Achemine is being escorted back to Haiti in the next week and is doing really well with her new shunt.

Angelo is doing much better now that his mom has arrived from Haiti. He has been moved to a regular room and they will remain there throughout the duration on his radiation treatments. After those are completed at the end of June, Angelo and his mother will move to PA and live with his aunt until they return home in August. Unfortunately, Angelo has suffered some effects from both the tumor and the surgery to remove it. He is now permanently blind and is struggling to learn to walk & talk again. We are praying that the radiation will help to reduce the portion of the tumor that was inoperable and that this will help with his recovery.

Ruthlande has had her surgery and is living with a host family in the Chicago area. She is taking some antibiotics to help prevent any infection. There is talk of placing a shunt put in place to prevent any further build-up of spinal fluid in her lumbar area. I am not sure how long her stay here in the US will be, but it is such wonderful news that this strong little girl finally has a hope for a future.

Kensley is finally here in the US for surgery on his cleft lip. This is the little guy that refused to get on the airplane when I flew back to the states with Angelo, Christy and Nelson. I will update when we know more.

I will try and post some more pictures of the kids when I get some more recent ones from the families.


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Kathy said...

What a tiny sweetie. I have an adopted daughter who was 5 lb 8 oz and had a cleft lip and palate among other things. She's six and great now and, in fact, just went with me to Haiti to meet the twins we are adopting. The picture sure brings back memories!