Wednesday, May 9, 2007

A Few Updates

My apologies to all our readers for being an absent blogger for the last few weeks. It has been difficult to keep up with the blog since returning from Haiti. Chedner has been sick and in the hospital. This picture is a rare moment when he actually slept in the crib for a few minutes. Now that we are home and he is getting better, the daily regime of care we need to do for him and his refusal to let me out of his sight is making it a challenge to accomplish much else. That being said, Chedner is growing and developing pretty well despite all his medical conditions. We will know more about his future and the extent of his medical anamolies after some testing later this month.
I wanted to give you all a few updates on some of the children who are currently here getting treatment.

Christy: She is doing wonderfully and the recent pictures I received from her host mom show a smiling, happy and healthy two year old girl! What an incredible blessing. She is enjoying the playing with the children in her host family and is getting stronger each day. The doctors have said she should be able to return home to her Papa soon. Is she a diva in those glasses or what!?!
Nelson: Nelson had the surgery to replace his damaged heart valves last week. The doctors had said that he would need to have artifical valves put into his heart and would need to take medication to prevent complications his whole life. This situation would make it extremely challenging for him to live in Haiti. The alternative to the artifical valves would be pig valves, but they were not optimistic that the sizes would be compatible. Vanessa and I rejoiced following the surgery when we heard that Nelson's valves were a match for the pig valves and he would not have to be on medication. This is amazing news for Nelson and his family. Hopefully, once he recovers from surgery, he will be able to travel home to Haiti soon.
Angelo: This brave boy isn't doing as well after surgery as we had prayed he would. He has suffered from some amount of brain damage which is understandable now that we know that the tumor he had took up 1/3 of his brain. In fact, it had wrapped itself around his brain stem. He is struggling just to keep going right now and needs our prayers. There are so many unknowns in his future and his mother is going to need God's strength regardless of the road she chooses for him.

Achemine: She is going home in just a few weeks! Her parents will be so very excited to have her back. Achemine did have a few complications after surgery, but is now doing well. Her shunt is operating fine and her parents will need to be vigilent with her health when she is back in Haiti. It is so wonderful to see that sweet face so clearly now that the swelling in her head has been relieved.

Berny: This busy little man is ready to return to his Mama & Papa. This trip went much more smoothly for Berny than his first. His surgery to repair the cleft palette was a success and he has mended well. We also found out during his stay here that, thankfully, he did not suffer from epilepsy, but is actually having some trouble with episodes of low blood sugar. This is very manageable and his family was relieved to hear that he wouldn't need to be on medications for this condition. He just needs to be sure to snack often...I know...sometimes easier said than done in a country such as Haiti.

Vanessa will travel to Haiti on June 14th and take whoever of these kiddos that are ready back to their families. She will then travel back to the US with a few more children for treatment here. Please send her good thoughts as she travels and hopes to finish up a bit of paperwork for some of the children.

Finally, I just wanted to say Happy Mother's Day to all of you out there! Enjoy!


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