Monday, May 4, 2009

Sammy Update

Hi Everyone,

Well AMH continues to grow. In two weeks I will have at least one part time person to help in the office in Virginia.

Baby Samuel is doing great, here are his latest photos and his letter home to his mommy & daddy who can not believe how many people have come forward to care for their son.

Thank you for all of the prayers he is doing great. love V
Vanessa A. Carpenter

Dear Mommy and Daddy,

How are you? I am doing very well. I went to see the doctor last week. I weigh 10 pounds, 14 ounces and am 23 inches long. I am just starting to sleep through the night now. I still drink about 30 ounces of soy formula every day and I now fit into 0-3 month clothes.

Last week my legs were measured for the braces that will help to straighten my clubbed feet. Hopefully they will be here this week. Then the doctor will fit the braces to my legs. I am supposed to wear them whenever I am asleep, during the night and at nap times. I still kick and move my legs and feet a lot. The doctor says I have good leg movement; he’s very happy about that. All the physical therapy we are doing is helping, too. The muscles in my legs and feet are not as tight as they were before.

I also had my Early Intervention Evaluation last week. A team of therapists came and played with me. They watched me move around and took note of everything I am doing. I kept them very entertained. I have some delays in some areas, mostly physical, but my host mommy Shirley said we knew that I would have some of them. Socially, I am right where they want me to be. I am a very happy, sociable little fellow. The feeding therapist is going to be watching me very carefully because sometimes I get a little choked on my milk.

My surgical sites are all healed up now, and everyone is very pleased, especially with how well my back has healed. My hair is just starting to grow back after the doctor had to shave a small portion of my head to put in the shunt.

I am a very happy little baby. I do not cry a lot, usually just when I am hungry. I like to have playtime on the blanket on the floor and I also like to be held, talked to and sung to. Mommy Shirley says I am a very special little boy to have two mommies who love me so much, and that God must have big plans for me.

Well, I am starting to get hungry again, so mommy Shirley is going to feed me now. I hope you are well. I miss you.



Saturday, May 2, 2009

More from The Comfort


To The USNS Comfort Medical Ship and personel

When I was asked to help with Project Continuing Promises, I had no idea what I had said YES to.

The last 10 days have been the hardest and happiest all rolled into one . When a medical ship pulled into the country we had no idea what a blessing it would be. I will let the photos tell the story and please email me any questions.

I do not have the final numbers yet but Thousands of people were seen by Medical doctors, eye doctors, urologiest, Ent's and dentists. 158 people were able to have life saving surgeries on the ship USNS Comfort.